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Tambayan ng mga pinoy na walang magawa at gusto lang may makausap, magdownload, matuto, at makihalubilo sa kapwa pilipino.
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PostSubject: MEASURE YOUR ANGER CONTROL   Mon Sep 12, 2011 1:43 pm

CHECK YOUR ANGER CONTROL ON THIS 0-10 ANGER SCALE! Level 0. You are feeling totally calm and relaxed. You may feel happy and excited about something or not. You have no
anger or irritation at any level. Level 1. You feel a very slight anxiety or irritability, but it's not affecting your behavior. You can barely notice it when you try. Your mind is open, and you're very aware of the "big picture" perspective. Level 2. The irritation/anxiety is a little higher, but still not enough to bother you or affect your behavior. You can still see the big picture. It is hard to relax with the agitation you are experiencing. Level 3. You are starting to have negative responses to people, places and things around you. You are still keeping your anger inside, but you're just not settled. Your focus is starting to narrow slightly, but you can still think clearly and make good decisions. Level 4. Now you are starting to think about yelling at that other driver, or calling that talk show host and giving them a piece of your mind. But you don't act on the feelings. Your tone with others might be just a little short, or you might try to cover your feelings by being extra nice. Tunnel vision is starting to set in. Level 5. Now you are definitely not having fun. You are mad at yourself, others or the world in general. You're still in control of your behavior, but others can tell you're not feeling that great. You become grouchy and irritable with others. You are
moving into a single-minded focus and your decision- making process is impaired. Level 6. You start thinking about getting away from some
situation that is bothering you. You might fantasize about escaping somehow. You might also tell someone off at this point, but you make an effort to be controlled and even somewhat considerate. Your mental clarity has become erratic. You have lost sight of the big picture. Level 7. You are starting to say things to yourself like, "This is driving me crazy.” “I can't stand this any more.” “That person is driving me up the wall.” “If I could, I'd like to really let them have it!" You're
thoughts are racing, and your muscle tension is becoming noticeable. Your vision is narrowing further. Level 8. At this level, a plan of action starts to form. Now your anger is so high that you are ready to do something about it. You are so upset that you really have no choice. Your thinking is not clear, and your plan of action might include revenge and retaliation, or just a desire to hurt someone you perceive as a threat or problem to you or someone you love. You have become almost completely irrational. Level 9. Now you're acting on your anger. You are telling someone off, and possibly
trying to hurt them or "put them in their place" with your words. You also might be planning how to abandon, neglect or reject them. At this level, your thoughts are obsessed and totally focused on your pain, fear and anger whether you know it or not. You are ruled by your
emotions at this level. Level 10. At this point you have become dangerous to yourself and/or others. You are in the depths of fight-or- flight, and your primitive survival-based brain has taken over. You have tunnel vision and single-minded thought. All you can think about is how to make the pain and/or stress stop. It is a very helpless feeling. You are desperate, and willing to take desperate action. Your fear and anger are doing your thinking for you.

Rate yourself: At my best I am--fill in the number(s)__________________ _____ At my worst I am--fill in the numbers(s)_________________ _____ Most of the time, I am--fill in the number(s)_______________ ___ popcornic
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PostSubject: Re: MEASURE YOUR ANGER CONTROL   Mon Sep 12, 2011 1:55 pm

ayos po ito bro paul mukhang health conscious ka ngayon ang banat mo okey ito,thanks.

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PostSubject: Re: MEASURE YOUR ANGER CONTROL   Tue Oct 11, 2011 2:36 pm

nice thread para sa mga katlad kung pikunin,thanks a lot sir.
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Pinoy Zone Newbie

Pinoy Zone Newbie

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PostSubject: Re: MEASURE YOUR ANGER CONTROL   Wed Feb 05, 2014 4:53 pm

naiirita ako kapag hindi maganda araw ko
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PostSubject: Re: MEASURE YOUR ANGER CONTROL   Today at 9:54 pm

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